Can You Use Glasses Cleaner On A Laptop Screen?

Can You Use Glasses Cleaner On A Laptop Screen?

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Laptop screens often accumulate dust and stains after a long time of use. They start to become ugly and reduce the sharpness of the device. The important thing now that you need to do is clean the laptop screen. And then, they look nice and work better. However, cleaning the screen properly and safely is not as easy as you think. In particular, not all solutions can be used to clean laptop screens. The question is can you use glasses cleaner on a laptop screen?

The harmful effects of using inappropriate glasses cleaner to clean laptop screens

With the development of science and technology, most of the current laptop products are equipped with LCD, AMOLED screens. To ensure the durability of the laptop screen as well as to protect our eyes, manufacturers often cover the surface of a laptop screen with a synthetic resin and a chemical layer.

Laptop-screens-are-usually-covered-with a-few-layers-of-paint-above-we-need-to-preserve-them-carefully
Laptop screens are usually covered with a few layers of paint above, we need to preserve them carefully

Therefore, cleaning laptop screen types is often much more difficult than some other screens. If not using the right type of glasses cleaner, your laptop screen may be damaged. Some of the harmful effects of using inappropriate glasses cleaner to clean laptop screens:

  • The screen is blurred.
  • The screen shows signs of failure such as the appearance of white spots on the screen, lines appear on the screen, the screen flickers, the screen has no electricity…
  • Lost images on the screen. This can lead to many other consequences such as main fire, broken wires in the laptop’s apparatus, battery failure …

Using inappropriate glasses cleaner will make your laptop broken faster. Laptop is one of the quite expensive appliances. Therefore, we need to be careful during use, especially choosing appropriate glasses cleaner to clean the laptop screen.

Some types of glasses cleaner below will help you clean your laptop screen safely and quickly

What kind of glasses cleaner should I use for laptop screens?

Cleaning the screen is a simple task, but doing it in the wrong way will damage the laptop. Today’s laptop screens have higher durability and resolution. However, fingerprints or dirt on the laptop, computer screen can reduce the sharpness and the machine life. Moreover, it also makes our work seriously interrupted, especially for professional gamers. Therefore, regular cleaning is extremely important. However, if you feel that cleaning the laptop screen is too complicated, especially you’re a gamer, you can refer to choose some gaming laptops to buy in 2019 that are resistant to dirt.

Here are ways to completely clean the screen without damaging the laptop.

Use a microfiber cloth to clean dust on the laptop screen

Microfiber cloth is a special fabric. It was created to clean the glasses or the camera. If the towels are quite soft for cleaning the screen, but often leave the small fabric, toilet paper is too rough to clean the laptop screen, the microfiber cloth is highly appreciated in cleaning dust on the screen laptop. Microfiber fabric is both soft and non-fibrous. It is the best solution to clean the laptop screen.

Use a microfiber cloth to clean dust on the laptop screen

Use the sponge to clean stains

Sometimes beside dust particles, the laptop screen is also stuck with many other stubborn stains. At this time, the microfiber cloth could not be cleaned but also made the laptop screen dirty. In this case, it is best to use a sponge. Only take a sponge to water and wipe the laptop screen. We tried using this method, the effect is extremely amazing.

The types of glasses cleaner you should avoid when cleaning the laptop screen

Besides the glasses cleaner that you can use to clean the laptop screen, there are a few types of glasses cleaner that you absolutely should not use. The majority of these glasses cleaner are produced by many toxic chemical compounds, which are dangerous to laptop screens. The types of glasses cleaner you absolutely need to avoid in cleaning your laptop screen are Ammonia, Acetone, Toluene or Alcohol.


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